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December 18, 2018

“The Nutcracker” debuted in
St. Petersburg

How the Russian ballet became the quintessential
American Christmas tale.

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Multinational Masterpiece

  • SCORE: Russian composer Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (“Swan Lake”).
  • STORY: A French author revamped a dark German tale into a story about a girl who dreams her Nutcracker doll saves her from a Mouse King, becomes a prince, & takes her to the Land of the Sweets where dancers represent different countries & desserts.
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A 126-Year Tradition

  • 1892: Performed for first time ever in St. Petersburg, Russia to a lukewarm reception.​
  • 1934: Performed in England by Vic-Wells Ballet (now Royal Ballet).​
  • 1944: San Francisco Ballet stages USA’s first full-length production.​
  • 1954: Choreographer & New York City Ballet founder George Balanchine premieres own version at Lincoln Center.​
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“Ballet is important and significant—yes. But first of all, it is a pleasure.”

George Balanchine credited with establishing the link between “The Nutcracker” and the Christmas season in America. His version of "The Nutcracker" was broadcast nationally on Christmas Day in 1957 & 1958 and is now one of the most frequently performed ballets with professional and regional dance companies performing various versions across the globe throughout December.
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The Nutcracker keeps ballet a part of American culture. It's often a child's first experience w/ ballet & classical music and importantly, ticket sales serve in many cases as the economic backbone of dance companies, often contributing up to 40% of yearly income.

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Co-authored by Jean-Marie R. Bralley, a freelance writer & ballerina with Charlottesville Ballet based in Charlottesville, VA.