18.02.07 Mississippi Abortion Bill

March 9, 2018

Abortion Debate of 2018

Mississippi lawmakers pass most restrictive abortion law in the nation.

Legislation passed MS House & Senate; Governor promises to sign bill into law.

Challenges coming; Only abortion clinic in MS threatens to sue.

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What Does MS Bill Say?

  • Prohibits abortion after 15 weeks.
  • Abortion only allowed if health of mother is in danger or baby will not survive outside the womb after full-term.
  • Rape or incest NOT exceptions.
  • Mississippi is 1 of 17 states that doesn’t allow abortions after 20 wks. The 15 week “mark” is unprecedented.

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Why Is This Significant

Supreme Court Showdown In The Making

  • Roe V. Wade legalized abortion, but held a woman’s right to an abortion is not absolute.
  • States may restrict or ban abortions when a baby can survive outside womb (aka legally as “fetal viability”).

The 15 week mark in Mississippi is why this law is controversial and challenges “norms” on when a child can survive outside womb. That medical debate has legal implications.

by Jenna Lee,