18.02.09 How to Use Smarther News

July 20, 2018


We’re Grateful You’re Here!

Let’s be pioneers together…

Tap Sunglasses To Flip The Card

Why “SmartHER News”?

  • Developed by journalist Jenna Lee Babin.
  • SmartHER sounds a lot like “smarter” – how solid journalism should make us feel.
  • We believe American journalism provides a crucial public service.
  • We want to provide the best customer service experience available in news delivery.

The Cards

  • Quick. Concise. Straightforward.
  • Non-partisan or as we like to say “Bullet-Points Without Bias.”
  • Convenient and Clear. You should never feel like you can’t catch up.
  • We work hard so you can have more time for things that matter.
  • In 30 sec – 3 minutes, we deliver the news that makes you smarter.

Why A Card Flip?

  • The card flip is inspired by traditional reporter’s notebooks; spiral bound note pads flipped pages upward.
  • Symbolically, we want to return journalism to what it once was – a solid news service – a public service that informs & reports.

Tap Sunglasses To Flip

But The Cards Don’t Just Flip…

You Can Interact With Them.

Go Ahead.
Try It.
We will write “Click” for active links or you will see: “Watch Now”

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It’s Our Belief…

You Should Always Know “The Source”

“True empowerment of women is providing them solid information, and then getting out of their way.”

Jenna Lee Babin, Journalist, Founder of SmartHER News

Why The Sunglass Logo?

We believe everyone should have different styles…different ways of looking at the world…and different perspectives – That’s what America is all about!

But we should all be able to see the facts clearly.

And that’s what SmartHER News is all about!

Wait…What About Dudes?

Guys Welcome!

Bottom line – We set out to invent something totally innovative in journalism. The modern American woman inspired us but SmartHer News is for everyone!
Jenna explains in video:

Watch Now

Want more news?
We have it.

  • Last card in every stack, links to our “source page.”
  • The source page doesn’t include EVERY source we use, but the sources we liked best, pre-screened, for you.
  • Consider it “premium” info. If you have more time to read, this is an option for you.

Thank you for joining us on this incredible adventure! Here’s how to email us:

by Jenna Lee,