18.02.09 Olympics

February 9, 2018
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244-member team is the largest winter Olympic team in history (from any nation) and includes:

  • 109 women & 135 men
  • athletes from 31 states
  • 20 fathers & 1 mother
  • 7 sets of siblings
  • 1 married couple

Name To Know:
Kikkan Randall

Cross Country Skiing

  • She’s the only mother on Team USA; Infant son.
  • Lives & trains in Anchorage, Alaska.
  • 4x Olympian; Never earned an Olympic Medal.


1900: First time women competed in Olympic games.

2012: First time every participating country included a women athlete & the first time women participated in every Olympic game.


1900: Golfer Margaret Abbott is first American woman to win a gold medal.

2014:A For the first time, American women outpace the men earning more than half of the team’s medals (58 of 103).

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