18.02.15 Battling Dementia

March 16, 2018

Dementia Antidote?

“Memory Stimulating Suitcases”

A resource offered through the “House of Memories” – a programA to try to help those with dementia sponsored by the National Museums of Liverpool.

Flip For Why It Matters

Dementia: No Cure

  • Dementia: memory loss that interferes with daily life that often progressively gets worse.
  • Alzheimers: Most common form of dementia.
  • Study in 2016 showed dementia rates in U.S. dropping – and dementia diagnosis happening later-and-later in life.
  • Dementia can also be easily undiagnosed.

“Memory Suitcases”

  • Serve as time capsules packed with products associated with a specific era.
  • Span the 1930-1980s.
  • Approx. 40 built; available for borrow.
  • Contain a little bit of everything from particular soap, to flyers, a pair of shoes to war-time nylons.

Check Them Out:

Not Just Suitcases:
There’s An App For That

  • “House of Memories” created an award-winning app.
  • App allows users to browse virtual “archives” of different eras.
  • Also allows users to put together their own “memory boxes”.

Watch Now

How It Works:

“Photographs, memorabilia and objects a be they the actual items or images of them on apps a help rekindle memories in people with dementia and lead them to start conversations.”

Museums Fight the Isolation and Pain of Dementia, NYT, Mar. 11, 2018

It’s coming to America: The Minnesota Historical Society plans to offer an app this fall (NYT)

by Jenna Lee,