18.02.15 the Skinny Brain

February 14, 2018

Mind Games

Can’t Lose Weight?
Blame Your Brain

Scientist discover mental “switch” that determines whether we store calories to burn or to hoard.

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Why It Matters:

  • When we successfully diet, our bodies burn stored fat.
  • When we stop dieting, our bodies can start storing fat in anticipation of being hungry again, instead of burning calories as they come in.
  • Scientist have discovered a way to potentially “turn off” our bodies’ desire to store fat after dieting.
  • Could help with yo-yo dieting and obesity therapies.

Protein: Potential Link
Your Brain & The Scale

“Manipulating this protein offers the opportunity to trick the brain and not replace the lost weight through increased appetite and storage of fat.”

Associate Professor Zane Andrews, Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute

  • The end of yo-yo dieting? Brain switch that controls fat burning uncoveredA https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/02/180213120451.htm
  • Appetite-controlling molecule could prevent “rebound” weight gain after dietingA [https://www.monash.edu/news/articles/appetite-controlling-molecule-could-prevent-rebound-weight-gain-after-dieting](https://www.monash.edu/news/articles/appetite-controlling-molecule-could-prevent-rebound-weight-gain-after-dieting)

by Jenna Lee,