18.02.19 Sex in the City Governor Run

March 20, 2018
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“Sex In The City” Star
Running For NY Governor

“We are sick of politicians that care more about headlines and power than they do about us.”

Cynthia Nixon, Campaign Video

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Cynthia Nixon
Background & Platform

  • Born & bred in NYC.
  • ‘Proud public school graduate & prouder public school parent’
  • Mom of 3; Married to her wife who is an education activist.
  • Public activist on education & LGBT issues.
  • Equality (economic & otherwise) = major theme of campaign.
  • Has never run for elected office.

Why You Should Care:


Even If You Aren’t A NY’er

  • Current NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) considered a potential candidate for President 2020.
  • Cuomo considered a ‘centrist’ & Nixon, progressive. Nixon attacks Cuomo’s “Democrat” credentials.
  • Watching who wins $$ & support may provide insight into direction of Democratic Party.A

Another Reason To Care

Governor of New York State oversees theA largest transportation system in America…and in North America overall.

The MTA – Metropolitan Transit Authority – includes all New York City subways and state trains into-and-out of NYC.

Actress who played Charlotte in Sex In The City was the first to support ‘Miranda’ – Kristin Davis showed her support on social media fo Nixon. If Nixon won, she'd be first woman AND first openly gay governor of NY state.

by Jenna Lee,