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March 22, 2018
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What Do These Songs
Have In Common?

“My Girl”

“The Gambler”


“Rhythm Is Gonna Get You”

‘I Left My Heart in San Francisco’

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National Recording Registry

  • Part of Library Of Congress
  • Preserves great American recordings for future generations
  • Selects 25 works every year deemedA “culturally, historically or aesthetically significant’ AND more than 10 years old.

Not Just Songs

New Admissions Include:

Culture:A The music of theA Sioux’s Yanktoni-Dakota band from 1928. A “The collection of recordings is comprised of nearly 200 fragile wax cylinders.

Comedy:A Groucho Marx’s 1972 album ‘An Evening with Groucho.’

Where Are Recordings Kept?A

  • Library of Congress Packard Campus for Audio Visual Conservation
  • Preserves the largest collection of film, TV, radio & sound recordings in the world.
  • More than 7 million items.

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"I’m totally overwhelmed
by 'My Girl’ receiving such an honor. As a songwriter, it has become my international anthem. People in countries where English is not the primary language know and sing aMy Girl’ when I perform it."

Smokey Robinson, co-writer My Girl, LOC Press Release, March 21, 2018

Who Nominates?


  • Anyone can submit work to be part of the National Recording Registry
  • In fact, YOU can submit 50 recordings a year if you want!
  • Nominations for 2018 accepted NOW.

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Did you know there's something called the "National Jukebox"? You don't even need a quarter to play it…

by Jenna Lee,