18.02.21 Woman Rides 20,000 Miles a Year on Her Bike

March 22, 2018

“Hun, you really got that windswept look.”

What a gas station clerk said to ultra-cyclist Lael Wilcox after she removed her helmet and hadn’t showered for 17-days.

Wilcox cycles the equivalence of the circumference of globe every year.


She Loves To Cycle

“I just wanna be out there.”

Wilcox biked from Alaska to America’s southern border andA won cross-country races – beating men & women.

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Wilcox keeps everything she needs on her bike – learn what she never leaves home without.

How This Woman Rides 20,000 Miles a Year on Her Bike
Ultra-endurance bicycle racer Lael Wilcox puts more miles on her bike every year than most people do on their cars. Here’s how she trains for and rides some of the toughest races on earth.A https://thescene.com/watch/wired/how-this-woman-rides-20-000-miles-a-year-on-her-bike

LAEL’S GLOBE OF ADVENTUREA https://laelwilcox.com/

by Jenna Lee,