18.02.26 Flu Update

March 26, 2018
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Flu Virus Rages

Progress…Yet More Deaths

The flu continues to be a consistent killer – reaching epidemic levels.

Did you know Americans have a higher chance of dying from the flu than by a shooting?

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The Latest: CDC

  • Flu peaked in early February but “flu activity” expected for weeks to come.
  • 17 states = “widespread” flu.
  • 6 states = high-rates of “influenza-like-illnesses” (flu diagnosis TBD).
  • Flu-related pediatric deaths: 133
  • Hospitalization rates still comparably high to other tough flu seasons.

$pending Bill = $$ For Flu

  • New spending bill allocated extra $$ to National Institutes of Health for such items as research for a universal flu vaccine – one shot to lessen your chance of getting any/all flu strains.
  • Budget increase for flu vaccine research = additional $40M.
  • $100M = new total budget for universal flu vaccine research.

Not Only Gov’t Money…

“The excitement in the field is making better vaccines for strains that are killing people right now. Even modest improvements would save thousands of lives.”

Dr. James Crowe, pediatric infectious diseases doctor at Vanderbilt U. Medical Center & head of non-profit funded "Universal Influenza Vaccine Initiative"

What is the #1 killer of Americans? An interesting chart that provides perspective on the threats we all face.

by Jenna Lee,