18.02.27 Centcom Update

February 28, 2018
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Middle East Meddling

“Diplomatically & militarily Moscow plays both arsonist and fire fighter, fueling tensions among all parties in Syria.”

General John Votel, Commander, CentCom, Feb 27, 2018

Feb 27th Hearing

  • CentCom = U.S Central Command oversees 20 Middle East nations.
  • CentCom’s Commander, Army Gen. Joseph Votel, testified before House Armed Services Committee.
  • We took notes so you don’t have to, but it’s worth a listen – check out the full hearing:

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Key Takeaways

  • ISIS: Losing “physical caliphate” but pressure needs to continue.
  • Iran: Moving dangerous missiles around the Middle East to places like Yemen.
  • Russia: Major mischief maker, undermining efforts inside Syria.
  • Something to watch: China’s growing presence in Middle East, such as a port in Pakistan and military base in Djibouti (Africa).

Top Priority: Iran

“Make no mistake, while we continue to confront the scourge of terrorism, Iran’s malignedA actives across the region pose long term threat to stability in this part of the world.”

General Votel, Commander, CentCom, Congressional Testimony Feb 27, 2018

Why It Matters:

  • CentCom’s focus on Iran, despite all the major players, serves as a reminder of Iran’s powerful role as an anti-American state sponsor of terror.
  • The Middle East impacts our national security, not only because of terrorism threat, but also economically (oil markets, shipping lanes, investment of military “men & materials”).

SmartHER News quotes the "open" session available to the public; General Votel also testified in a classified setting not open to the press. This is normal practice, but important to mention.

by Jenna Lee,