18.02.27 Facebook Good Neighbor? Sued

March 28, 2018

Not A Good Neighbor?

Facebook Facing Lawsuit

“Facebook has abused its enormous power.”

National Fair Housing Alliance & other "fair housing" groups v. Facebook, Inc. Complaint, March, 27, 2018

Flip For Why

Why is FB Being Sued?

  • Facebook offers companies ways to advertise or “target” certain people by age, gender, etc.
  • Housing groups suing say this FB feature allows “landlords and real estate brokers to exclude families with children, women, and other protected classes of people from receiving housing ads.’
  • Bottom Line: FB is accused of enabling housing discrimination.

A Tough Few Weeks for FB

  • Scandal over mishandling users’ data and not protecting profile data from the hands of private companies to use for their own gain. Founder Mark Zuckerberg will reportedly testify before Congress on this issue.
  • Stock dropped dramatically (wiping away $80B ofA market value).
  • FB denies lawsuit allegations.

Speaking of Housing…

Would you live INSIDE

  • FB is building its own small community in California near its HQ: Willow Park
  • 1500 apartments – 15% for low income residents – the other 85% catered towards FB employees (who receive a bonus for living near work).

Like Facebook, Google plans to build a community too. So have many other great American companies in the past. Does the social media component of the tech companies heighten the “creep factor” of these communities? You decide.

by Jenna Lee,