18.02.27 Fashion Week

March 6, 2018
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The Final Catwalk

Fashion Week

  • Fashion Week is not a week; it spans various cities across the globe from February – March.
  • New York City leads, followed by London, Milan, and finally, Paris.
  • Final runway show: March 6, 2018.
  • Spring shows preview fall fashion trends.

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What You Should Know:
General Trends Fall 2018

  • Makeup: Cat eye stays, but notA just black, bright colors too.
  • Hair: Headbands/scarves in NY & jeweled headpieces in Milan.
  • Bold Fabric:A Bright colors, florals & animal print.
  • Longer hemlines: (untilA Saint Laurent went super short in Paris).

See Paris Show Here

Models Need Not Apply

  • Dolce & Gabbana used drones to fly purses down the runway in Milan.
  • Prada used computer-generated-image (aka C.G.I) “It-girl” to announce new social media campaign; “She” has 600,000+ Instagram followers, but she doesn’t have a heartbeat.

Click HERE for "IT" Girl

Can you imagine someone printing a 3-D image of your body and tailoring clothes to you? That's what one fashion designer did – and we thought it was particularly cool. Read More:

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