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March 28, 2018
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Dueling Headlines

U.S. forges significant trade deal with South Korea.

North Korean leader makes milestone trip to China.

Timing Is Everything.

Why This Matters

Kim Jong Un:
Why Travel To China Now?

  • China remains North Korea’s ONE major ally. Arguably, without China, North Koreans would starve and freeze.
  • Kim has meetings planned with SoKo President Moon Jae-in & President Trump in coming weeks.
  • Show of unity as reports surface of a major trade pact between South Korea, and it’s ally, the U.S.

U.S. & SoKo Trade Deal

  • SoKo to allow 25,000 more U.S. car imports – a 50% increase.
  • U.S. to exempt South Korea from certain proposed steel tariffs, but will *still* restrict steel imports.
  • Bottom Line: Both countries walk away with a ‘win.’
  • P.S. Show of force not just economic. Joint annual military drills begin on Easter Sunday, April 1st.

What’s At Stake:

  • North Korea = Nuclear power that threatens U.S.
  • U.S. uses sanctions to pressure NoKo to give up nuclear weapons program.
  • NoKo signaled to SoKo it’s open to talks & denuclearization.
  • SoKo announced meeting between President Trump & Kim Jong Un by end of May.

Reminder: Approx 25,000 U.S. troops stationed in South Korea. Interesting Fact: This maybe Kim Jong Un’s first foreign trip after taking power in 2011, but he actually attended school in Switzerland.

  • Kim, Xi portray strong ties after N. Korean leader”s visit: https://apnews.com/060ca55f694740b9945268b10d7b0090?
  • Revamped deal widens US access to South Korean car market: https://apnews.com/94ee2c7850b1472d8f1d4c7de1f9ef7e?
  • US and South Korea announce start date for annual militaryA exercises: http://wtkr.com/2018/03/20/us-and-south-korea-announce-start-date-for-annual-military-exercises/
  • Long read, but worth it when you have time:A THEA EDUCATIONA OF KIM JONGa\u0013UNA https://www.brookings.edu/essay/the-education-of-kim-jong-un/A During the 1990s famine, in which as many as 2a\u00133 million North Koreans died as a result of starvation and hunger-related illnesses, Kim was in Switzerland. His childhood was marked by luxury and leisure: vast estates with horses, swimming pools, bowling alleys, summers at the family”s private resort, luxury vehicles adapted so that he could drive when he was 7 years old. For Kim, skiing in the Swiss Alps and swimming in the French Riviera must have seemed part of his birthright. Kim had a temper, hated to lose, and loved Hollywood movies and basketball player MichaelA Jordan.
    __Fujimoto, the sushi chef, has described Jong-un”s mother as not very strict about education and says that he was never forced to study. His friend and classmate in Switzerland said of Kim: We weren”t the dimmest kids in the class but neither were we the cleverest. We were always in the second tier a| The teachers would see him struggling ashamedly and then move on. They left him in peace. Jong-un was apparently unbothered by his less-than stellar scores; as his classmate noted, He left without getting any exam results at all. He was much more interested in football and basketball thanA lessons.

by Jenna Lee,