18.02.27 West Virginia Teachers

February 28, 2018
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UPDATE: West Virginia Teacher Strike

  • WV lawmakers reach deal to give teachers a 5% pay raise.
  • To pay for it, lawmakers will seek to cut state spending by $20M.
  • Teachers’ strike canceled schoolsA statewide for 9-straight days.
  • Governor promises task force to address health care costs.
“This is very positive. We are surprised, but we aren’t putting all of our eggs from the chickens in one basket. We want it signed, sealed and delivered. Because seven days ago we were told the same thing, and we’re still here.”

Tina Workman, Midland Trail Elementary teacher to CBS News

Contentious Negotiations

Mar 6:A WV House & Senate pass bill to give all state workers, including teachers, a 5% pay raise.

Mar 3: WV teachers say strike, which began on Feb 22, will continue after WV Senate voted to cut raise to 4%

Feb 27: Gov. Jim Justice & union leaders negotiate 5% pay raise deal in attempt to end strike

Where will the Money Come From?

“We know that we need to raise their salaries but it would be absolutely fiscally irresponsible to write a check that we cannot cash for future generations.”

West Virginia Republican Senate President Michael Carmichael (2/28/18)

Protesting Over Pay

How Teacher Salaries Stack Up

  • $45,622 = Average teacher salary in West Virginia (in 2016).
  • Ranked 48th in the country, above only Oklahoma & Mississippi.
  • $58,353 = National average public teacher salary.
  • New York ranked #1 at $79,152.

And it's not just in West Virginia, now teachers in Oklahoma say they may strike…

by Jenna Lee,