18.02.28 Roseanne Tvland Domination

March 29, 2018

Total Domination

‘Roseanne’ Rocks Ratings

1 out of 5 American viewers tuned in for ABC’s return of ‘Roseanne’ – approximately 18M.

“Text from john goodman who is on a plane today: “HURRAY FOR THE CONNORS!’” – @therealroseanne

Flip For Why It Matters

Distinct Departure

“RoseanneA was pitched as a timely revival, one that put starA RoseanneA Barr’s support for president Donald Trump in the narrative at a time when most scripted TV is decidedly liberal-skewing.”

Hollywood Reporter, March 28, 2018

Flyover Power

‘Roseanne’ Reboot’s
Highest-Rated Markets:

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Cincinnati, Ohio

Kansas City, Missouri

Comparatively Speaking

  • The ‘Will & Grace’ reunion started when the main actors filmed a 10-minute video to support presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016.
  • NBC launched an official revival of the series in 2017 – 10M viewers watched.
  • ‘Will & Grace’ was justA re-upped for a 3rd season; 4M viewers on average per show.

“Roseanne”s popularity offers advertisers valuable real estate. How much will a 30-sec ad cost you? $175,000. Check out source page for more on where “Roseanne” dominated:

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