18.02.29 Where Diesel Cars Go to Die

March 30, 2018

Where Diesel Cars Go To Die

Incredible images of hundreds of thousands of cars in America…awaiting their fate & taking up space.

All fallout from the VW Diesel emissions scandal.

Sky News has the scoop.

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  • 2015: Volkswagen admitted to cheating on U.S. emission tests.
  • Fallout: VW had to pay about $15B in fees & has until June 2019 to either buy back or fix 85% of its fleet, or face more fees.
  • 37 “lots” house vehicles to be destroyed or resold (if they meet appropriate emissions standards).

Sky News: The Scoop

One “parking lot” is a suburban football stadium. This is Worth-It-To-See…especially since you could potentially buy one of these cars someday!

by Jenna Lee,