18.03.01 Opioid Epidemic

March 1, 2018

Killer On The Loose

DC Confronts Murderer

What kills 116 Americans everyday?

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America’s Opioid Crisis

Today, the White House will hold a summit on opioid misuse & overdoses.

Earlier this week Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced DOJ’s new Opioid Litigation Task Force, aimed at prosecuting opioid manufacturers and distributors for illegal practices.

‘Opioid abuse is driving the deadliest drug crisis in American history …. It has strained our public health and law enforcement resources and bankrupted countless families across this country.’

Attorney General Jeff Sessions speaking to the National Association of Attorneys General, Feb 27, 2018

America’s Opioid Crisis By The Numbers

42,249: Opioid-related deaths in 2016 (116 overdose deaths each day)

11.5 million: People who abused prescription opioids in 2016

$115 billion: Cost of opioid crisis in 2017

$1 trillion: Cost of opioid crisis since 2001

What Are Opoids?

Opioids are a class of drugs (illegal & prescription) that reduce pain by targeting the nervous system, including:

  • Natural opioid (ex: morphine) & semi-synthetic opioid (ex: oxycodone);
  • Synthetic opioid (ex: methadone & fentanyl); and
  • Heroin

Over the last year, photographer James Nachtwey and TIME Magazine set out to document the opioid crisis in photos. The graphic images were published last week in the TIME’s Opioid Diaries, view them here:

by Jenna Lee,