18.03.05 Baseball Bucks

April 12, 2018


The one thing you WON’T see at a baseball game this year…but you may want at your next party!

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Cool Tech We WON’T See

The New York Yankees wanted to sell beer with players’ faces printed on top of the foam.

But the MLB shut it down right away, saying: active players cannot be involved in the advertising or promotion of beer or other alcohol.

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You WILL See This:

  • Biometric ID:A Braves, Athletics & Mariners are the latest teams allowing fans to use fingerprints and retinal scans to enter stadium or buy concessions.
  • Real-time instant replay: In an effort to speed up the game, teams get immediate access to slo-mo cameras & phone lines to teams’ review centers to decide whether or not to challenge a call.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame – Or Not.

  • Twitter will again live stream weekly MLB games.
  • Facebook will exclusively stream 25 regular season games (big deal, but small considering there’s 2,430 games this season)
  • MLB is also tapping the Chinese market, partnering with Tencent to stream 125 games to its 1B active users.

What teams are demanding the highest prices? The World Series Champs aren’t even in the top 3! But there’s a catch…

by Jenna Lee,