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March 6, 2018

Harvard Business Review: Study Exposes Hiring Bias Against Stay-At-Home Parents

Despite working the equivalent of a 90-hr work week, stay-at-home parents are less likely to be rehired into the workforce than parents who are fired or laid-off

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About the Study:

  • Researchers sent 3,000+ “fake” resumes to business in 50 cities.
  • Resumes featured three different types of “applicant” parents (currently employed,A unemployed, stay-at-home) with same level of experience, job history & skills.
  • Researchers tracked who got a ‘call back’ – then issued survey & collected responses.
“Put simply, stay-at-home parents were about half as likely to get a callback as unemployed parents and onlyA one-third as likely as employed parents.”

Prof Kate Weisshaar, Lead Researcher, Harvard Business Review, Feb 22, 2018

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“My research shows that, after being pushed out, (mothers) are kept out & have reduced job opportunities when attempting to regain employment.A When fathers opt out…they too face penalties, and in some contexts greater penalties than opt out mothers.”

Prof. Kate Weisshaar, Lead Researcher

Study Shows Vicious Cycle

  • Stay-at-home parents are seen as less reliable & dependable thanA others because they are perceived as caring about family more than work.
  • An all-encompassing work life forces many parents out of traditional roles. It’s those same ‘expectations’ that keep them from re-entering the workforce.

Food For Thought

What is a stay-at-home mom’s work REALLY worth?

$143,000: 92-hour workweek
(according to Salary.com)

Calculate Your Stay-At-Home Pay

Why Does This Matter? Raises broader question about how parenting is valued in Corporate America and beyond. SmartHer News wants to know: If parents aren’t valued as employees, are they valued as consumers/customers?

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