18.03.07 Mumps at Cheerleading Competition

March 8, 2018


Major Warning

Tens of thousands potentially exposed to Mumps in late February at a major sporting competition.

Warning released by Texas Dept of Health.

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Why The Warning?
Where It Happened:

  • National Cheerleaders Association All-Star National ChampionshipA in Dallas, Texas.
  • More than 23,600 athletes, plus thousands of coaches & attendees.
  • 39 states,A 9 countries.
  • 2-day competition, Feb. 23-25

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What are ‘Mumps’?

  • Tell-tale signs: ‘puffy cheeks & swollen jaw’ (CDC)
  • Other symptoms: fever, headache, tiredness, loss of appetite.
  • Symptoms can appear in 25 day period & can last several weeks.
  • Most Americans receive MMR vaccine – Measles, Mumps and Rubella – as infants. It’s 88% effective, not 100%, so cases can occasionally surface.

SmartHER News spoke to Texas Dept of Health

  • Confirmed case of mumps was a participant.
  • They aren’t releasing the state of participant.
  • Warning letter a precaution to spread the word – likelihood is low but still in time period where symptoms may appear.

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“Mumps outbreaks can occur any time of year. A major factor contributing to outbreaks is being in a crowded environment, such as attending the same class, playing on the same sports team, or living in a dormitory with a person who has mumps.”

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BTW – March is National Cheerleading month.

by Jenna Lee,