18.03.10 Daylight Saving

March 10, 2019
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Spring Forward!

Daylight Savings Time.

We lose an hour of sleep…

But we gain an hour of sunshine.


The Backstory

More daylight hours used as a way to save energy.

  • Federal gov’t enacted to save coal in Spring of 1918 during WWI.
  • Re-established during WWII.
  • 1966: national law under Uniform Time Act (states can opt out).
  • 2007: expanded to encompass 65% of the year (about 8 months).

More Sunshine All Year?

  • 3 Florida lawmaker (Senators Marco Rubio, Rick Scott & Rep. Vern Buchanan) introduced the “Sunshine Protection Act” this past week in Congress to make Daylight Savings year round.
  • FL state lawmakers passed a bill last year for year-round Daylight Savings Time in their state However, it will take an act of Congress to make the change.
‘Studies have shown many benefits of a year-round Daylight Saving Time, which is why Florida’s legislature overwhelmingly voted to make it permanent last year.’

Sen. Marco Rubio on the Sunshine Protection Act that would apply to ALL states that like Florida follow Daylight Savings Time, citing decreased car accidents & decreased robberies both reasons behind the fight for more light.

Could The Clock Change Be Bad for Your Health?

  • IVF success rates drop in March
  • Heart attacks spike
  • Stroke rates rise
  • Fatigue & decreased productivity

HEALTH Magazine

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Arizona, Hawaii & US Territories like Puerto Rico:A don't follow DST. By the way, there's a lot of confusion between "Daylight Savings Time" & "Daylight Saving" Time. …We went with the law: Daylight Savings Time but its written differently everywhere!

by Jenna Lee,