18.03.14 Women & Makeup

March 14, 2018

Makeup May Enhance Your Lashes…

But Not Your Leadership

When it comes to makeup & leadership, LESS may be MORE

Study out of Scotland: women who wear MORE makeup are LESS likely to be viewed as leaders.


About the Study:

  • Researchers from Scotland’s Abertay University showed 168 adults computer-altered images of two women wearing varying degrees of makeup from fresh faced to “a social night out.”
  • Participants asked to rate the women on their perceived leadership abilities.

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The Result

Women wearing A LOT of makeup are MORE likely to be viewed as poor leaders

Makeup does not enhance a woman’s dominance by benefiting how we evaluate her in a leadership role.

Dr Christopher Watkins
Lead Researcher

How Much Makeup Do We Actually Wear?

The ave. American woman wears $8.00 worth of makeup & skincare products every day, with women on the east coast averaging the most expensive face ($11.00).
(2017 survey by retailer SkinStore.com)A

How Much Is Your State’s Face?

SmartHER Reminder: Check out the images study participants saw and you’ll see what is considered “a lot” of makeup. BTW: study not specific to leadership in an office environment but IN GENERAL.

by Jenna Lee,