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March 26, 2018

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The Number of Times You’ll Likely Check Your Phone Today

Here are 3 innovations that may soon radically change how you use your smartphone.

Flip For The Future

Analysts: Apple Working
on a “FOLDABLE” iPhone

  • “Foldable” iPhone design expected by 2020, according to Merrill Lynch analyst.
  • Possible ability to unfold it, doubling screen size, & allowing it to serve double duty as a tablet.


Don’t Get Too Excited Yet…

  • Apple is making headlines, but foldable smartphones have been in the works for years.
  • Some analysts say 2020 time frame is “ambitious.”
  • It’s not just the screen that needs to be flexible, but all of the internal components as well. (Think: circuit boards, batteries, etc.)

Samsung Trying to One-Up
Apple With New Feature

  • Report: Samsung’s upcoming Note 9 will feature aA fingerprint sensor built right into the display.
  • Fingerprint scanner would liveA underneathA your phone’s screen, leaving more room for content.

Touch or Look:
Unlocking Your Phone

  • Sources: Final decision on using fingerprint tech in Note 9 will be made this month, ahead of Fall launch.
  • Will it work with a screen protector?
  • Apple ditched its on-screen fingerprint sensor for 3D face recognition.

Taking Photos in the Dark
With Your Smartphone?

  • SONY announces technology that allows smartphone cameras to “see in the dark.”
  • Ultra low-light camera with “unprecedented” light sensitivity.
  • This kind of camera tech is *currently* only available with interchangeable lenses.

Seeing the Light?

Low light has been something of a stumbling block for smartphone makers (ever take a picture in a bar or restaurant?).

No word yet on when SONY’s low-light camera technology will arrive in smartphones.

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by Jenna Lee,