18.03.24 Waffle House Shooting Update

April 25, 2018
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4 people diedA in a shooting Sunday at a Waffle House in Tennessee.

The shooting is the SECOND mass public shooting of 2018 committed by an individual KNOWN to law enforcement.

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A “Mass Public Shooting” is defined as

“a multiple homicide incident in which four or more victims are murdered with firearms, within one event, in at least one or more public locations …. “

Congressional Research Service's Report: "Mass Murder With A Firearm"

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Shooter’s Past & Lingering Legal Questions

Will Shooter’s Dad Face Charges? After the shooter’s 2017 attempt to enter the White House, police revoked his firearms license, took his guns and gave them to his dad; his dad gave guns back to his son.
Mental Illness?A In 2017, shooter told police people were trying to hack his phone.A In 2016, he told police Taylor Swift was stalking him.

James Shaw Jr., the 29-year-old man who wrestled the gun away from the shooter, might not consider himself a hero, but the state of Tennessee does! The state assembly officially recognized his heroism in a joint resolution.

“… no matter his motivations, Mr. Shaw is indeed a hero; his actions on that
fateful morning are unfathomable to most, indescribable by even the chief of police, and veryA poignant to the citizens of Nashville, who are deeply grateful for his brave actions in the face ofA extreme adversity that saved many lives …

… if a hero is ‘a person noted for courageous acts or nobility of character,’
then James Shaw, Jr., is a hero twice over, for he has demonstrated both his courage and
character in a manner few could ever attempt to emulate …”

by Jenna Lee,