18.03.29 Russian Policy of Retaliation

March 30, 2018
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Russian Retaliation

‘Russia’s response was not unanticipated, and the United States will deal with it.’

White House Statement, March 29. 2018 after Russia announces it will expel 60 U.S. diplomats after the U.S. ordered the expulsion of 60 Russians on March 26th.

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Kremlin Twitter-plomacy

  • After the U.S. announced plans to close Russia’s embassy in Seattle, the official Twitter feed of the Russian U.S. embassy polled Twitter on which U.S. consulate in Russia should close in response.
  • The Results? St. Petersburg.
  • Now? Russia announced official plans to shut down that consulate.

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Important Context: 2017

Just last year, Russia stripped U.S. diplomatic missions in Russia (ie. embassies & consulates) of 755 positions – mostly supporting staff – and mostly Russians – after the United States sanctioned the Kremlin for its action in the Ukraine.

In return, America ordered Russia to close its SF consulate, & 2 annexes – 1 in WashingtonA & 1 in NY.

An American journalist banished from Russia weighs in on what the U.S. SHOULD be doing to promote a real change in behavior in Russia. Read more:

by Jenna Lee,