18.03.30 Sister Jean

March 30, 2018
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On Easter Weekend, a nun’s favorite underdog team attempts a miracle win in the NCAA Final Four.

“It’s pretty hard to go up against God, man.’’

Dick Vitale Legendary Sportscaster

Meet 'Sister Jean'

All About Sister Jean

  • Full name:A Jean Dolores-Schmidt
  • 98 years old
  • 1994: Retired (from education)
  • Became Loyola’s team chaplain, more than 20 years ago, now leading pre-game prayers from her wheelchair.
  • CURRENT: Social Media Darling. 20K+A media stories and counting.

Watch Now

NCAA Tournament’s M.V.P.
(Most Valuable PRAYER)

  • She gave Loyola “her blessing” to license her name & image.
  • She’s now on t-shirts, socks & even a bobbleheadA — it’s the best-selling bobblehead in history. (5K sold in 48 hours)
  • She won’t receive any money.
  • Proceeds from the sales support Loyola Athletic Fund & Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Keeping the Faith

Interviewer: ‘What did you give up for Lent?’
Sister Jean: ‘Losing.’

Final Four is Saturday:
Loyola-Chicago vs. Michigan (6:09PM ET)
Kansas vs. Villanova (8:49PM ET)

NCAA Championship Game is
Monday night.

Poking fun at a nun? Check out these new billboards in Michigan ahead of the Final Four.

by Jenna Lee,