18.04.02 Otd First Woman in Congress

April 2, 2018
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First Woman Sworn Into Congress

‘I may be the first woman member of Congress, but I won’t be the last.”

Jeannette Rankin (R-MT), first woman elected in U.S. Congress' 128-year history

About Jeanette Rankin:

  • Suffrage leader & pacifist.
  • The only Member of Congress to vote against the entrance to World War I and World War II. Voted out of her position each time.
  • Since 1978, her scholarship foundation has awarded more than $2.5 million in scholarships to 1,000 women.

Rankin Was Right!

In 2018, women make up 19.6% of the U.S. Congress.

2018: 22 women serve in the Senate & 83 women serve in the House.

Since Rankin’s election, 327 women have served as U.S. Representatives, Delegates, or Senators.

by Jenna Lee,