18.04.04 Back to the Mall, because of Fb

April 5, 2018

Facebook’s Security Fix Impacts Instagram & Others

FB’s attempt to increase user security after a major loophole may change the way you shop & connect with friends. But are you safer?

New From Facebook

87M (not the estimated 50M) FB users had their private information shared with a third party without their permission.

FB says you should assume your info has been “scraped” if you allowed people to search for you using your email or phone number. FB has now disabled that feature.

Facebook Drama

  • Remember FB owns Instagram (and other HUGE social network companies like WhatsApp). This is why the security “fumble” is so significant.
  • Your user experience on FB or Insta may change.A For example, accounts where you “like” a photo so you can shop the product have likely been altered until a full security assessment is completed.

Breaking-Up With FB?

  • New study asked participants to stay off FB for 5 days.
  • Participants’s stress hormone (cortisol) levels dropped, although they did not perceive themselves as LESS stressed.
  • Participants felt less happy with their lives because of the “social disconnection.”


Is this the beginning of the end for FB? Do you even use the site? Tell us your favorite social media platform: Info@SmartHerNews.com. Here’s one take

by Jenna Lee,