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April 6, 2018
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Brain Power Predictor?

How Your Spit May Shine A Light On Your Smarts

New research says your intelligence has more to do with your ancestors than your environment — and now it can be predicted using your DNA (easily collected via a cheek swab).

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DNA Tests for IQ

  • In a study of 240,000 people, researchers found 500+ genes linked to intelligence.
  • Previous research: 50-75% of smarts inherited, rest is anurture.’
  • Science isn’t perfect, but discoveries mean a young child’s DNA could give a sense of how intelligent he/she will be.

is this a good thing?

Online Services Offer to Quantify Your Genetic IQ

GenePlaza and DNA Land will test using a spit sample, but with a major disclaimer…

‘I hope people are not getting it thinking that this is a true measure of their intelligence.”

Alain Coletta, GenePlaza Founder

What if you were able toA pick the smartest embryo from an IVF dish, choose the best sperm donor, or discover fetuses at high risk for autism? Should you? You decide.

by Jenna Lee,