18.04.09 Coffee & Cancer

April 9, 2018

Cancer Warning For Cafe?

California judge ruled coffee sold in CA must come with a cancer warning label

All due to a chemical (acrylamide) produced in the roasting process

Scientists sayA jury still out on whether coffee causes cancer.

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All About Acrylamide:

  • Studies on mice show acrylamide exposure increases risk for some types of cancer; findings from human studies are inconsistent.
  • EPA watches & regulates this chemical in drinking water.
  • Found in plastics, grouts, cosmetics, & cigarette smoke.
  • Found in foods like fries, potato chips, crackers, cookies, cereals, canned black olives, & coffee.

Does Coffee Cause Cancer?

World Health Organization (WHO) studies indicate coffee is unlikely to cause certain cancers and lower the risk of others.

In 2016, the WHO’s cancer unitA moved coffee off the ‘possible carcinogen’ list, but says evidence is insufficient to rule out any possible role.

Why Is CA Different?

Cali’s Proposition 65

  • Passed via ballot initiative in 1986.
  • Requires every product sold in state that contains a material onA a listA over 1,000 chemicals known to cancer and/or birth defects to include a warning label.
  • All potato chips sold in CA have a warning on their packaging because of Prop 65.

Starbucks and other coffee purveyors says the level of the acrylamide (which has been on California’s Prop 65 list of chemicals since 1990) in coffee isn’t harmful and that any risks are outweighed by coffee’s benefits. Read More:

by Jenna Lee,