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April 11, 2018

What A Difference A Week Makes

Pres. Trump cancels planned trip to South America – stays put to address crisis in Syria.

1 Week Ago: President says he wants to quickly withdraw ALL U.S. troops from Syria.

How Did We Get Here?

Syria: By The Numbers

1: Suspected chemical attack in Syria on Saturday.
DozensA dead and hundreds injured, including women & children.
8: Total suspected chemical attacks since Pres. Trump took office.
7: Yrs since Syria war began (2011).
2,000: Approx # of U.S. troops working in Syria to defeat ISIS.400,000 – 500,000: Estimated deaths since war began.

‘Due to the possible launch of air strikes into Syria with air-to-ground and/or cruise missiles within the next 72 hours, and the possibility of intermittent disruption of radio navigation equipment, due consideration needs to be taken when planning flight operations in the Eastern Mediterranean/Nicosia FIR area…’

EuroControl, Air Traffic – European Continent (Reuters)

Why We Watch:

“Unlike the Islamic State in various parts of the Middle East, the Taliban in Afghanistan or the Shabab in Somalia, the Syrian gov has extensive air defense and missile systems capable of shooting down foreign planes.”

New York Times, April 10, 2018

Then What? Flip

Potential For Fireworks:

The Saudi Crown prince, who just spent weeks in U.S., indicated he may be open to join a coalition against Pres. Assad. That would put Saudi & U.S. with Europe…vs Russia, Iran & Syria.

“President Putin, Russia and Iran are responsible for backing Animal Assad. Big price…to pay.”

Pres. Trump, Twitter, April 8, 2018

Need one good catch-up on Syria? We found it:

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