18.04.10 Credit Card Signatures

April 10, 2018

No Signature Needed

Death Knell For Cursive?

Nearly a century after the credit card was first introduced, the way you pay with it is about to change A starting this weekend.

“No one really signs any more; it’s all scribbles and squiggles. Some people do smiley faces.’


Change At The Checkout

Starting Saturday, American Express, Discover, MastercardA & Visa will stop requiring signatures.

  • Signatures used to help verify your identity. NowA “no longer reliable.”
  • Most people just scribble an illegible signature.
  • Most businesses don’t even bother to check.

So I’ll Never Sign Again?

Not collecting signatures is optional, leaving retailers to decide.

But speeding up checkout lines is a powerful incentive. (Walmart calls signatures “worthless.”)

Restaurants may still ask so the customer has the opportunity to tip.


Is Your Safety in Jeopardy?

‘Our fraud capabilities have advanced so that signatures are no longer necessary to fight fraud.’
Jaromir Divilek, American Express

  • Microchips in credit cards create unique codes for each purchase, making cards harder to copy.
  • Once merchants upgraded swipe technology, signatures became “largely irrelevant.”

But seriously, when was the last time you signed your name? Mastercard says consumers don’t want to sign anymore. See the 4 reasons why by clicking here:

Mastercard shared four reasons why it says consumers are on board with the plan. The insights below come from a representative survey of 1,108 adults commissioned by Mastercard.

  • No one signs anything.A Mastercard says 17% of survey respondents couldn”t remember the last time they signed anything thatA wasn”tA a sales receipt.
  • Seriously no one signs anything. More than half of consumers surveyed said they only sign their names a few times or less per month, not counting sales receipts.
  • Everyone hates that jerk in the checkout line.A Per the survey, 72% said they get annoyed when they have to wait too long for the person in front of them to complete a transaction. (Count me in that group.)
  • Keeping the kids happy: Consumers in the 18-34 range are nearly two times more likely to dislike writing in script.

by Jenna Lee,