18.04.10 Jlo World Domination Continues

April 11, 2018
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soon to be packaged & sold by European makeup line “Inglot”.

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From The Block To The Biz

  • We don’t know details of the partnership between Jennifer Lopez & Poland-based Inglot.
  • We do know celebs have taken positions within beauty companies themselves, invested or taken equity (ownership). This is a SHIFT away from simply being “The Face” of the brand.

Why Now?

Beauty Industry Billions

Larissa Jensen, The NPD Group
  • $17.7 B = U.S. beauty business.
  • Makeup = biggest segment.”As beauty brands and retailers look to understand awhat’s next’…their focus should be on developing new and alternative ways to engage with consumers.”

What’s JLO Selling?

  • 70 products
  • Highest price item: $49 eyeshadow palette
  • Price point:A $8.50 to $26
  • Launches April 26
  • Interesting Fact? Inglot, based in Poland, manufactures most of its makeup in Europe.

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