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April 12, 2018
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The Battle Begins

Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan (R-WI), will not seek re-election.

Who succeeds him matters politically & nationally.

flip: It Could Be You

Speaker of the House

Why It Matters:

The leader of the House of Representatives supervises administrative duties within the House and serves as the top representative of elected officials (aka congressmen/women) nationally & especially, before the President.


  • Mandated by Constitution (but no official rules on HOW a Speaker should be elected).
  • Modeled after British House of Commons. The Speaker kept order over elected officials representing the “Average Joes.” Speaker spoke for the monarchy within the Commons…while ALSO speaking for elected officials before the monarchy.

Will Republicans Lose Majority In The House?

  • Speaker Ryan joins 40 other Republicans not seeking re-election Nov 2018; Dems need to win 23 seats for the majority.
  • Speaker Ryan could’ve run for re-election, win & then retire – securing a Republican seat. Ryan said he just couldn’t lie to his constituents about his intent.

U.S. House Speaker:
Facts We Love

  • Only 54 lawmakers have served as “Speaker of the House” in America’s 242 year history.
  • The state with most Speakers? Massachusetts
  • Pres. James Polk is the only Speaker elected to President.
  • First Woman Speaker: Nancy Pelosi (2007 ) 218 years after the First Speaker was elected.

So who will be the next Speaker of the House? You could be! Why? Because the Speaker doesn't have to be an elected official, even though he/she's always been one.

by Jenna Lee,