18.04.11 Backwards Marathon

April 13, 2018
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Meet the man running Monday’s Boston Marathon – BACKWARDS.

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“Having epilepsy is like going through life backwards. You can’t see what’s ahead of you, seizures can come out of nowhere at anytime… Though for me it’s only temporary.”

Loren Zitomersky to SmartHER News on WHY he's attempting to break a world record…backwards.


His goal is to raise $100,000 for the Epilepsy Foundation a and break the world record for the fastest marathon (26.2 miles) ever run backwardsA in less than 3 hours, 43 mins & 39 seconds.

(For those keeping tabs, that’d be about anA 8:30 min/mile avg pace!)

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Backwards Training 101

  • Started running 0.5 mile backwards last summer, slowly increasing run lengths.
  • Ran 7 marathons forwards, qualifying him for Boston.
  • Trains on treadmills (which he says can be pretty boring) & in parks (looking out for obstacles).
  • During Boston Marathon, he’ll have a spotter to help him avoid spills or running into other people.

How Hard Is Running Backwards Anyway?

“SOOOO much harder!A It’s definitely not an efficient way of human movement.A You use your calves, quads and glutes so much more than forwards running.A You also use up a ton more energy.A I can’t stop eating!”

Loren who runs an avg of 45 miles/week when not working as a movie production lawyer at Disney in L.A.

Charity Close to His Heart

  • Loren is running in memory of a brother he never met. Brian, his father’s son from a previous marriage, died in his sleep after suffering non-stop seizures.
  • 1 in 26 Americans will be diagnosed with epilepsy.
  • He’s more than halfway to his goal of raising $100K for the Epilepsy Foundation for research & local programs.

Loren says he's worried about taking a spill & bad weather, but he promises to he'll be "giving it my all come April 16th!" Even though he CROSSES the finish line — before he even SEES it! Cheer on #backwardsguy & donate to help end epilepsy by clicking here.

by Jenna Lee,