18.04.17 Brainwave Bombshell Best Friends Share Brainwaves

April 19, 2018
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Feel like your friends can read your mind?

They just might.

New study may prove how deeply we connect with our friends.

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Do You Share Brainwaves?
Study Says “Yes”

“The current results suggest that friends are exceptionally similar to one another in terms of how they perceive, interpret, and react to the world around them…data also demonstrate(s) that it is possible to predict whether or not two individuals are friends.”

"Similar Neural Responses Predict Friendship"

Small Study But Significant

  • An entire class of grad students (279) answered questions on friendships within group.
  • 42 agreed to brain scans & watched unique videos to produce range of emotions.
  • Researchers charted brain activity and could predict who were friends based on results; “friendly” brains reacted similarly to images.
‘I think it’s an incredibly ingenious paper. It suggests that friends resemble each other not just superficially, but in the very structures of their brains.’

Nicholas Christakis, biosociologist, Yale University, who studies social connections, speaking to 'New York Times'

Perhaps THIS is why we are all SmartHER together? ‘…shared processing could make people click more easily and have the sort of seamless social interaction that can feel so rewarding.

by Jenna Lee,