18.04.17 Egg Recall

April 17, 2018

Watch What You Eat

1 out of 5 Americans will eat an egg today…which is why you should know about the 206+ million recalled eggs due to a potential salmonella contamination.


The Facts: Egg Recall

23 people ill due to a “multi-state outbreak” of salmonella linked to eggs from Rose Acre Farms (CDC).

Salmonella can cause serious illnesses & death.

Rose Acre Farms sold in stores & used in restaurants in 9 states (CO, FL, NJ, NY, NC, PA, SC, VA, WV).

How To Protect Yourself:

What to do if your home has recalled eggs? Throw them away OR return them. Wash & sanitize your fridge where you kept the eggs.

Rose Acre Farms eggs sold under a VARIETY of different brands names all listed on FDA website.

Click Here: Specific List

U.S.A: Egg Capital of the World in Both Production & Consumption

106 billion: Eggs produced in 2017 (about a tenth of the world’s supply)

280 million: Birds laying eggs for consumption (aka “table eggs”)

325: Avg number of eggs produced by one hen in 2009 (a 50% increase from 50 years earlier)

EGGScellent News: In recent years, eggs have gotten a bad reputation due to the high levels of LDL cholesterol and saturated fat found in the yolks, but dieticians say the protein levels found in egg whites can balance out the bad. Read more here:

“AA red flag is there only for peopleA withA heart disease risk factors, says Julia Zumpano, RD, LD, of Cleveland Clinic”sA Preventive Cardiology Nutrition Program.

‘There is no current recommendation on how many eggs you should consume each week,’ says Zumpano. ‘Research indicates that total saturated fat contributes more to LDL (bad) cholesterol than dietary cholesterol.’A She points out that egg whites are safe and a good source of protein. It is egg yolks that have the cholesterol and saturated fat you”re trying to avoid.

‘If you have heart disease or high cholesterol, be cautious about the number of egg yolks you consume, and take into account all the other forms of saturated fat (red meat,A beef, pork, veal and lamb, poultry skin, whole-milk dairy or full-fat cheese) in your diet,’ says Zumpano.”

by Jenna Lee,