18.04.17 Taxes

April 18, 2018


IRS Website Outage Means 1 More Day to File

‘This is the busiest tax day of the year & the IRS apologizes for the inconvenience this system issue caused for taxpayers.’

Meanwhile, nearly half of U.S.A won’t pay any federal taxes this year.


46% of Americans Pay
NO Federal Income Tax

WHY? They simply don’t earn enough money (they are either retirees or workers who owe only payroll taxes).

Very rarely, high-income earners use strategies to cut federal income tax liability.

Are taxes too high?

How are your taxes?

According to a new Gallup Poll:

  • 48% say taxes are “about right”A
  • 45% say taxesA areA “too high” A (smallest percentage since 2012)

Gallup: Republicans feel better about their taxes. 45% think taxes are too high vs. 62% year ago & 72% in ’16.

The Case for More Taxes

“In your average social democratic European country, you pay more taxes, but you also get a lot in return: universal health coverage, free child care, generous paid family leave, & free college, for example … there are things you just don’t have to worry about, things that keep us Americans up nights.”

Paul Waldman, The American Prospect

Who Pays the Most Taxes?
Location Matters.

Adding up state & federal income taxes, property, sales & gas taxes…

  • New Jersey residents pay the highest on avg at $20K/year
  • West VirginiaA residents pay the lowest on avg under $7K/year

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by Jenna Lee,