18.04.18 North Korea & Cuba

April 20, 2018
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Two of the final communist countries still in existencea|on the precipice of major change?

Flip: Cuba & NoKo

North Korea

South Korea says North Korea ready to agree to complete denuclearization in preparation for historic talks between Pres. Trump & North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un (expected in next few weeks).

Pres. Trump acknowledged secret trip by CIA Dir Mike Pompeo (Sec of State nominee) to meetA with North Korean leader.


New President: 58-year-oldA Miguel DA-az-Canel BermAodez (a man born the year the Castro family took power – first non-Castro president since 1959).

Canada pulls diplomats from Cuban embassy. Diplomats complaining of similar symptoms to U.S. diplomats in 2017 when they fell ill with a mysterious sickness.

North Korea & Cuba

  • Maintain diplomatic relations.
  • Both show disdain for USA.
  • Closed & struggling economies.
  • Shared trade i.e. in 2013 – Cuban weapons on board aA North Korean ship.
  • Soviets supported the birth of North Korean & Cuban dynasties. Modern day Russia “circles” both countries for influence.

Why does potential change in North Korea & Cuba matter? Both countries, while not economically powerful, have created partnerships with enemies of the United States. Watch a good video here to explain a small slice of this:

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