18.04.18 Starbucks

April 18, 2018
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Starbucks Shutdown

Racial-bias Training After Arrests Spark Outrage.

All Starbucks stores will close the Tuesday after Memorial Day wkd for several hours after protests in Philly get national attention.

Domino effect will cost millions.

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Patron or Tresspasser?

  • 2 men asked to use a Starbucks restroom.A An employee refused because they had not bought anything, according to officials.
  • Men sat down (they said they were waiting to meet a friend) & asked to leave; police called.
  • Video of the arrest has 10M views, creating #BoycottStarbucks.

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Event Timeline

  • Thursday: Incident in store (listen to 911 call on YouTube below).
  • Friday: CEO apologizes.
  • Sunday:A Protests in Philadelphia.
  • Monday:A Protests continue, Starbucks CEO meets with 2 men.
  • Tuesday: Starbucks announces company-wide racial-bias training for 175K workers at 8K stores.

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Stores will close for a few hours NOT the entire day for training.

Est. say this will cost Starbucks approx. $12M

Did you know that Starbucks makes about $61M a day?

Back in 2008, Starbucks shut 7,100 of its US locations for 3 hours. But that training "focused more on making the perfect latte as the company struggled with sputtering sales," according to NYT.

by Jenna Lee,