18.04.20 Food Waste

April 20, 2018
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One pound – the size of a grapefruit – is what each American wastes

That’sA 150,000 tons of food aA day.

With that waste comes more waste… think: land, water, & fertilizer.

FLIP: are you guilty?

Study: Most wasteful Americans happen to be those who eat healthiest.

  • Fruits & vegetables = 39%
  • Dairy = 17%
  • Meat A = 14%
  • Grains = 12%

Note: Food loss is a portion not eaten for any reason, like spoilage & plate waste.


Studies show 90% of Americans misinterpret expiration labels, and throw away food too early.

Confusion: 10 different expiration phrases. Food industry urging (but not requiring) use of onlyA “Use By” & “Best if Used By” by summer 18.

Did you know? Federal law only requires expiration dates on infant formula.


“Best if used by”: refers to quality, not safety. Recommended for flavor.

“Use by”:A date on products that could become less safe as they age.

“Sell by”:A tells the store how long to display. Issue is quality not spoilage.

“Expiration Date”:A last day to eat. Proceed at your own risk.

Honey, Will You Sniff This?

  • Milk:A Usually fine a week after the “Sell By” date.
  • Eggs:A 3-5 weeks after you buy.
  • Poultry & seafood:A Cook or freeze within 2 days.
  • Beef & pork:A Cook or freeze within 3-5 days.
  • Canned goods:A Acidic foods (i.e. tomato sauce) can keep 18 months. Low-acid foods like veggies may last 5 years.

In a recent poll, 76% respondents think they waste less edible food than the average American. They might want to think again. Click for 6 tips to reduce food waste – what better way to celebrate Earth Day this weekend?

  1. Cook in bulk, then freeze your leftovers.
  2. Put leftovers into individual food storage containers for you and your family to pack for lunch the nextA day.
  3. Compost your leftovers.
  4. Add leftover meats and vegetables toA salads, stir fry or wraps.
  5. UseA vegetable scraps toA make homemade stock.
  6. Turn staleA bread and other leftovers (like biscuits and croissants)A into breadcrumbs orA croutons.

by Jenna Lee,