18.04.23 President Bush in Hospital

April 24, 2018

Fmr. Pres. H. W. Bush Enters Hospital Day After Wife’s Funeral

President H.W. Bush is suffering from “an infection that spread to his blood.”

One doctor tells SmartHER News: “This is a big deal. A I am very concerned.”

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“Bacteremia (infection in the bloodstream) can occur in anyone but is most common in those who are immunocompromised or those who have chronic diseases such as President Bush.”

Dr. Kevin Campbell, cardiologist to SmartHER News. Pres. Bush suffers from Parkinson's disease.
“Certainly the fact President Bush was exposed to many others and many germs, may have played a role. There is some truth to the fact that stressors such as a death or traumatic event can impact the ability of our body’s immune system to fight off infection.”

Dr. Campbell to SmartHER News when asked if being exposed to so many people at his wife's funeral led to infection. Pres. Bush shook hands Sat, w/an est. 2,500 ppl. (Chicago Tribune).
“Interestingly there is good data that supports the fact that when one spouse from a long time married couple diesasuch as the Bushesathe other spouse often suffers a major health incident in quick fashionaits almost as if we we hold on for the ones we love, and when they are gone, we follow closely behinda|.my wife and I discussed this tonight in fact.”

Dr. Campbell to SmartHER News

During his wife’s funeral President Bush wore socks with a colorful book pattern as a tribute to his wife’s love of reading. His spokesman says despite being hospitalized, he is adamant about heading to his summer home in Maine ASAP.

by Jenna Lee,