18.04.25 Golden State Murderer

April 26, 2018


Alleged “Golden State Killer” arrested almost 2 months to the day of a much-anticipated book published about his crimes.

DNA led to arrest onA ‘National DNAA Day” – *also* 15-yr anniversary of theA ‘Human Genome Project’ (cutting edge research on genetics).

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“Golden State Killer”

Criminal accused of *at least*

  • 12 Murders
  • 45 Rapes
  • 120-150 Burglaries
  • Spanned 1970s-1980s in California

Suspect in custody: 72-year-old former police officer arrested on 2 counts of murder.

Flip: Who Coined Name

Michelle NcNamara

  • True Crime author, obsessed with unsolved mystery.
  • Died in her sleep in 2016 before she could finish book.
  • Death attributed to prescription drugs she took to help her rest after working tirelessly on investigation.

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DNA = our genetic fingerprint

Police say suspect’s DNA matched 2 murders of “Golden State Killer”, but we don’t know specifics or how they got a “break” in the cold case.

“The probability of the DNA profiles of two unrelated individuals matching is onA average less than 1 in 1 billion.”A National Geographic

A ski mask won’t help you now.- line from Michelle NcNamara’s book. Her then-husband, a well-known comedian, said shortly after her death: She was going to solve this crime. She didn’t want credit for it. She wanted him to be locked up.

by Jenna Lee,