The Story Behind “The Hat”


The Designer

“There were these big security officials looking at this hat. It was kind of comical. Eventually, they had to put it through the X-ray machine. It makes me mad, but it is what it is. I have no choice. I understand the rules.”

Hervé Pierre to "Women Wear Daily" on designing the First Lady's white hat worn during Pres. Emmanuel Macron's visit.

Backstory: “The Hat”

  • Pierre asked for extra fabric from Michael Kors (who made her white suit) and had a NY atelier make the now famous hat.
  • Why White? No explanation. Mrs. Trump wore white at State of Union address as well.
  • The color white often associated with suffragists, but as New York Times points out: Maybe she just likes it.

First Lady Fashion

First Lady wore a one-of-a-kind dress from famous French brand, Chanel, as hostess of the first state dinner of this presidency with France. NYT described  dress as “sparkling sleeveless body armor”

“Maybe Melania Trump really is the hero of this particular story.”

Vanessa Friedman, NYT Style Writer, April 25, 2018

Why Roll Out Red Carpet For France?

  • U.S. & France established diplomatic relations in 1778.
  • France aided U.S. during American Revolution.
  • U.S. is the largest foreign investor in France; $1B in trade.
  • U.S. & France are allies in war, terrorism (ISIS) and Iran Nuke Deal.

Not everyone liked "The Hat" but love it or hat it, the First Lady made news with her clothes and grace during the FIRST STATE VISIT from a major U.S. ally. The French President's wife Brigitte Macron, wore Louis Vuitton the entire trip from head-to-toe.

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