18.04.30 Killer Genes

April 30, 2018
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1 in 25 Americans Have Done DNA Testing

Now investigators reveal aA DNA websiteA helped them track the allegedA “Golden State Killer”A who eluded them for decades.

Clever detective work *or* Privacy violation?

Killer “left his DNA all over the place.”A

FBI has DNA database, as does local police, butA no match.

Authorities submitted DNA sample from crime scene to genealogy site GEDmatch under a fake name.

DNA hits came from 3rd & 4th cousins, *NOT* from suspect Joseph James DeAngelo.

Investigators said GEDmatch narrowed their search & no court order was needed to access site’s database.

"Although we were not approached by law enforcement or anyone else about this case or about the DNA, it has always been GEDmatch’s policy to inform users that the database could be used for other uses.”

Curtis Rogers, GEDmatch Spokesman


“And even though it is easy to think of this technology as something that is used just to track down serial killers, if we allow the government to use it with no accountability or no further safeguards, then all of our genetic information might be at risk for being used for things we don’t want it to be used for."

Andrea Roth, UC Berkeley Boalt School of Law Assistant Professor

Ancestry & 23andMe say they were not involved in the "Golden State Killer" case. 72-year-old DeAngelo made his 1st court appearance Friday in Sacramento. So far, he has been charged with 8 murders, but he is suspected of a dozen killings, 45 rapes & 120+ burglaries.

by Jenna Lee,