18.04.30 Netanyahu Lies and Lies

May 1, 2018


“Iran lied. Big time.”

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, April 30, 2018 during a primetime address revealing a cache of materials he said Israeli spies lifted from Iran about a SECRETIVE nuclear program despite the so-called "Iran Nuclear Deal." Not everyone agrees.
“BREAKING: The boy who can’t stop crying wolf is at it again.”

Javad Zarif, Foreign Minister of Islamic Republic of Iran, Twitter, referring to PM Netanyahu. He argues Israel (and U.S.) rehashing "old allegations" for the purpose of breaking Iran deal.

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“For many years, the Iranian regime has insisted to the world that its nuclear program was peaceful. The documents obtained by Israel from inside of #Iran show beyond any doubt that the Iranian regime was not telling the truth.”

Sec. of State Mike Pompeo, April 30, 2018 via State Dept press release. Pompeo says he will consult with European allies on a way forward.


Timing Matters

  • Pres. Trump just met with Fr. Pres. & German Chancellor; Both want U.S. to stay in “Iran Deal”.
  • May 12 = deadline Pres. Trump set to decide if America stays in 2015 Iran deal.
  • First oversea visit of Sec of State Pompeo to Israel; met with Netanyahu Sunday.
  • PM Netanyahu faces a series of domestic challenges politically.

“… Iran is a dangerous foe, never to be allowed to build a nuclear weapon. The question is whether achieving that goal is easier with Tehran inside the deal, or outside.” Excellent Opinion Piece by Chicago Tribune. Full Article:

by Jenna Lee,