18.05.01 Gina Haspel Personal Life

May 4, 2018


“It was right out of a spy novel. It really didn’t get any better than that.’

America finally hears from acting CIA Dir Gina Haspel about her life as a spy. As Fmr. Dir Mike Pompeo works his first full week as Sec. of State, attention shifts to whether or not Congress will confirm Haspel as FIRST female CIA Director.

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CIA started releasing more personal info on the notoriously secretive Haspel for “Women’s History Month” in March – under the umbrella of honoring women in the CIA.

Critics say this is “propaganda” by CIA to deter from questions about Haspel’s record on torture.

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Gina Haspel: CIA

  • Daughter of Air Force pilot.
  • Wanted to attend West Point – but couldn’t (no women at the time).
  • Majored in language/ journalism at University of Louisville.
  • First assignment: Africa.
  • Decorated officer: received award for arrest & imprisonment of two wanted terrorists.
  • 61 years old; Not married.
  • Fan of Johnny Cash.

Critics Say:

“While the CIA has been trying to salvage Gina Haspel’s rocky nomination to lead the agency with a series ofA gushing tweetsA and by making public only flattering bits of her record, the American people have to reckon with a nominee whose role in torture and the destruction of torture evidence is still shrouded in secrecy.”

Brian Tashman, ACLU (4/27/18)


  • Major media outlets (NPR, NYT) issued corrections on reporting re: Gina Haspel.
  • Haspel did not oversee a CIA black site in Thailand DURING the torture of an infamous terrorist; she assumed role *after* that incident.
  • Questions remain as to Haspel’s role destroying CIA torture tapes.

"If confirmed, Ms. Haspel, 61 years old, would be the second person to become director after spending an entire career in clandestine operations." WSJ. Read More:

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