18.05.01 New York City Makeover

May 2, 2018
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Gets Dream Makeover
by Tiffany’s

Tiffany & Co. will turn a select few of New York City’s iconic yellow cabs its signature robin’s egg blue.

And that’s not all…

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Historic Jeweler Promoting *New Collection*

Inspiration for ‘painting the town blue‘: Holly GoLightly

It’s ‘the juxtaposition of wearing a floor length gown and a tiara while holding a paper bag with coffee and a pastry. …__The idea that luxury doesn’t have to be formal.’

Reed Krakoff , Tiffany & Co. Chief Artistic Officer, to Vogue

Not Just Taxi Cabs…

  • Tiffany’s marketing strategy embraces the use of social media to promote new products.
  • Tiffany’s team handmade flowers for NYC bodegas (small corner shops) and will add #TiffanyBlue to subway stairs and metro cards for new “Paper Flowers” collection.
  • Color set to disappear from NYC streets May 4th.

To bring people "in" to the project and help spread the brand (knowingly or not), Tiffany created an interactive map so folks can find their new pops of blue. See it here:

by Jenna Lee,