18.05.01 Ticks and Bites Oh My

May 2, 2018

CDC Sounds Alarm

“U.S. is not fully prepared”

Disease cases from ticks, mosquito & flea bites TRIPLEDA between 2004-2016.

But if you do the math…*only* .2% of the entire nation is impacted.

How worried should we REALLY be?

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Important Context:

  • It’s not just the total # of cases the CDC is concerned about…it’s the TYPE of diseases.
  • 9 NEW germs from mosquitoes, fleas and ticks discovered.
  • Disease cases from ticks = doubled. 7 new “tick” germs.
  • DRAMATIC increase in 2016 (due to Zika).
  • Chikungunya and Zika outbreaks in U.S. for first time.


CDC: “Mosquito and tick bites are threatening our health.A Better control of ticks and mosquitoes is needed to protect people from these diseases.”

CDC: More than 8 out of 10 local agencies are unprepared to help.

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What can you do? EPA has a tool to help you choosing the right repellant. See it here:

by Jenna Lee,